Mail (Sep-Oct, 1998)

Don't Say There's No Cure
from German G.

Hi, I had 25 years with psoriasis, then I found a Doctor in Venezuela who uses acropuncture [sic], some internal prep. medication, a simple diet (no POP's and red meat).

I was cured in 2 months and I go every 6 months to check and control.

My life has changed dramatically. Before, I couldn't walk.

Please do not repeat to anybody that there is no cure. This caused me terrible damage 25 years ago.

The doctor's name is Luis A. Puentes and his phone number in Caracas, Venezuela is (58) 2 762 61 23. Call him on mornings from Mon. to Sat.

The treatment is really inexpensive. Please e-mail me if you need more information.

German E. Gonzalez
Fishers, IN
[email protected]


Ed's Response: German, I'm posting your e-mail as is because I respect your conviction. I wish that I had the time and resources to follow up your referral to Dr. Puentes. But, I am posting this at FLAKE HQ in the hope that some other reader will do so and report back to all of us. -Ed

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