Mail (Sep-Oct, 1998)

Moved and Flamed
from Adrienne

Thank you for this site and the obvious maintenance you do regarding the mail updates.

I have only recently discovered that I have P. We had been living in Papua New Guinea for 3 years, 5 degrees from the equator and my skin was creamy, tanned and soft to touch ... though a bit tubby and maybe a little too much of it. We recently moved to New Zealand, and earlier this year I decided to get into the health kick and started jogging ... of an evening in the dark, with my baseball cap on so that no one could see my face and identify the blob.

Well I should have stayed fat and blemish free. Within a month of running I started with the fist-size patches on my elbows and knees, however I thought they were from an allergic reaction to something I had leaned on in the garden (they actually could pass for carpet burns ... wish my sex life was that interesting after 12 years!!).

I started working again after 4 years away from civilization and now my three patches have grown and the spread has continued so that now my tummy is the only place I don't have a spot. I even think I have the dreaded anal scab, cause my bum is constantly killing me ... even now as I write ... but I still pray that it is only worms. PLEASE BE WORMS.

I didn't take it seriously when I first found out what it was. Thought it would just go away, but it is spreading quickly and now after surfing the web and finding sites like this with other people sharing their stories, I have finally realized I can't just ignore it, it isn't going to go away, and I have to see a specialist.

Originally the doctor gave me hydrocortisone cream, but, having read the site, I now find this is something I definitely shouldn't be using on my face. Yes, in three short months it has spread to my nose and cheeks. Have been making jokes about being the singing detective.

If there are any new sufferers out there who want to get together and discuss what is happening and share our treatments and the timing of the spread, etc., please contact me. My email is [email protected] My ICQ is 16500334. Thanks. -Adrienne


Ed's Response: Yours is not the first mail posted here that suggests a change of place may trigger P. Also, there is that curious simultaneity of exercise and P. From the time I got out of the service, 1973, until about 1989, I was about as sedentary as you can be and still be considered "mobile." I also wasn't psoriatic. Then, for reasons similar to yours, I decided to do something different and started rollerblading. Coincidentally (?) my psoriasis manifested at that time. (I was a serious, 5-10 mile per morning skater, until psoriatic arthritis hit might right knee in 1993 or 1994.)

Usually we associate some UNhealthy change as prospective P-triggers. But it seems to me that HEALTHY changes could be at fault, too. I believe ANY substantive changes in our chemistry or metabolism or, for that matter, lifestyle might trigger our genetic proclivity to be psoriatic. Unfortunately, as you are discovering, once it's triggered it's persistent. -Ed

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