Mail (Sep-Oct, 1998)

Treats from the Emerald Isle
from Adrian

Hello Ed: What a page! Very funny! I thought only I had a sense of humor about my P.

I live in Northern Ireland but work in the Republic of Ireland for Intel, making Pentiums. I've had P since I was about 18 (I'm 24 now), just after I started College, and just after me and the girlfriend broke up. Doc says that probably started it. I think he's full of crap.

Anyway treatments I've had are loads of creams and smelly goo that you put in the bath that make the whole house smell like there's a freeway being tarred.

What I found did work was when I bought a sun bed and used it for an hour every day for a year and more or less stopped eating (this advice was not given by the derm). I was clear for around a year after that. I had to stop using the sun bed because:

1. I didn't want skin cancer
2. I didn't want my face to look as wrinkly as my dead granny's arse
3. I was going out to clubs (in pale-faced, red-haired Ireland) with the most beautiful Carribean tan except for the big white circles around my eyes where I had to wear goggles.

So they're back now but not as bad as before. Some on the shins, scalp, a tiny annoying little one on my forehead and my elbows ... but, to hell with them. There's an old Irish saying that if you have psoriasis you'll never die of cancer. That's bollox, too. Thanks for lifting my spirits. Regards, -Adrian


Ed's Response: You're going to think I'm patronizing, Adrian, but this is the honest truth. The most beautiful country I've visited is Ireland. Until I first saw Kentucky, I thought no place like Ireland existed in the U.S. One of the reasons I was so quick to move to Kentucky, after I discovered it, was its similarity to your country.

That means, of course, that when you travel to the U.S. you will be bored to tears in Kentucky. Go to Arizona and Utah for a change of pace. \

And, about lifting your spirits, you're most welcome. Just hearing from you lifted mine! -Ed

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