Mail (Sep-Oct, 1998)

Yearning to Show Off Some Curves
from Melissa H.

Some of the excerpts from your book ... How I can so relate to the piles of skin left on the floor. I have been dealing with psoriasis for about 4 years. I'm 28 and am beginning to have trouble coping. My self-esteem has pretty much hit rock bottom. I am tired of wearing my hair around my face and worrying about wearing black. Every month, with my hormoneous periods, another patch shows itself. I get irritated when people acknowledge it. Seems everyone has a cure.

Anyway, just wanted you to know your book looks good . . . maybe it will put humor into my life. Even though I do enjoy an evening of picking myself till I bleed, then applying alcohol till it burns thinking that oughtta help, I would love to wear my hair piled on my head and a V-back dress to show off my curves . . . but I doubt that will happen again any time soon. Thanks for your insight. -Melissa H.


Ed's Response: I wish that I had some sage advice for a curvaceous 28 year old with psoriasis, Melissa, but alas, I cannot know what it is like. But I empathize with the self-esteem trials, and your irritation at all those people who think they can help, and the fact that it seems to keep getting worse. All those things are the nature of this, our shared beast. But your fortitude peeks out at me from between the lines of your brief email. How do I detect fortitude? It's masked as a sense of irony: that oughtta help,I do enjoy an evening of picking myself till I bleed, then applying alcohol till it burns. Only a fellow psoriatic understands the irony in that utterance isn't at all blatant.

The desire to wear a V-back dress is simply your momentary grass-is-greener depression, dear Melissa. Take this from an older man with an eye for detail: One does not need to see the skin to appreciate the curves. You WILL have better days.... -Ed

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