Mail (Sep-Oct, 1998)

Update On the Deodorant Remedy
from Lily [Flower]

Hi Ed: You asked what deodorant I am trying. I am using Tussy cream on the patch on my thigh. It has gone from being approximately 9 inches by 9 inches to about 4"x4". AN IMPROVEMENT....YEAAAAA! It has faded to a not unpleasant pinkish color and the flaking has stopped. It is still "hot," but the burning has subsided some (I don't itch, I burn). My elbows have totally cleared. I used Family Dollar spray deodorant original scent, then I noticed it did not have aluminum chlorohydrate so I switched to another spray deodorant that does ... not realizing the newer spray deodorants are powder. OMG! What a mess my hair was. And the P came back. I will switch back to the Family Dollar and keep you posted.

Now my crotch rot, as I so elegantly call it, stays clear most of the time. When it starts feeling "weird" I use Synalar (fluocinolone acetonide cream 0.025%). It is made for Medics. There is a less expensive generic brand I have tried but it does not work. Shrug. Don't call me cheap. Laff. I am wondering if the deodorant is working because it is keeping the area dry?? Everything I have read says keep P moist ... ? I am also wondering if the Family Dollar deodorant is working because of the coldness? Do you know if anyone has tried cold, perhaps ice bags off and on?

If this deodorant thingy does not show an improvement I will experiment with ice packs next.

My friend who has the remission from chemo has house guests now. I will start nagging her as soon as they leave. [See reference from Archives, below.]


A quick update: The patch on my leg has shrunk to about 2x3inches. Still using the Tussy cream deodorant on it. Stopped using deodorant on my scalp. Started using Bactine (Bayer corp), it lessens the itching and seems to heal the craters I dig by itching.

I also am a type 2 diabetic so anything that helps heal is a plus. My hands are still threatening eruption (volcanic). Giggles. So am keeping deodorant on them to keep them dry. I cant find any research done about keeping P dry. -Love ya, Lily [Flower]


Ed's Response: Ya'know, Lily. If we ever meet I'm going to have to give you a big hug. Not because you're a fellow sufferer, but because you SMELL SO GOOD! I haven't heard of psoriasis being particularly related to either moist or dry skin. I would think moist is better because the lesions, being more supple, are less likely to get damaged. Nor have I heard of P's being particularly responsive to hot or cold. If you do venture into ice packs, keep us apprized.

Tussy cream is new to me. Are the ingredients listed on the package? ... There, I've just given you an excuse to keep writing. -Ed

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