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Texas Helps While Waiting for Amevive
from Mark F.

I stumbled on your site this morning (while researching the latest silver bullet, Amevive) and had lost a full day of work when I finally stopped browsing. 

I have had psoriasis since age 2.  I am now 35.  I had a flake-free year on Methotrexate, but my liver decided that I should no longer be on it.  That was followed by another flake-free year on Retinoids, but that made my hair fall out.  I quickly decided that I’d rather be miserable with hair.  So here I sit, slightly burned from my narrow-band UVB treatment today, patiently waiting for the FDA to approve Amevive.

I just wanted to write a quick note and say thank you for the time effort you put into the site.  The single best thing I ever did for skin was move out of St. Louis to Texas.  The climate alone has kept my skin at moderate vs. severe.  I know this is not available for everybody, but if you work from home do it someplace warm.  -Mark F.


Ed’s Response:  Nice to hear from you, Mark.  I’ve heard from a number of flakers who attribute improved P to being in Texas.  The State in general seems to be palliative for some of these people, some have moved down to the coast and believe their beach time gets the credit.  On the flipside, I’ve received emails from Texans wondering if their P might improve in Hawaii!

I remember St. Louis.  Lived there for a few winter months in 1970.  I’ve been back several times since.  The climate there is a lot like it is in Central Kentucky, where I am now: distinct seasons from very hot to very cold, sudden changes likely.  I’ve always associated the waxing and waning of my P with seasonal climate changes.  Certainly, before I was on the systemics (methotrexate, cyclosporine), I could count on flare-ups happening like clockwork with every major change in weather.  It didn’t seem to matter if it was hot to cold or vice versa ; I simply always celebrated a season change with a flare up.

I’m holding to my claim that I will pursue whichever drug becomes available first: Enbrel or Amevive.  Though I’m on the Enbrel waiting list I’ve pretty much determined the “waiting list” was an Immunex scam to get as many of us as possible “on hold” and NOT thinking about alternatives.  I’m actually hoping Amevive will come first.  Every day makes me reconsider my commitment to Enbrel.  –Ed

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