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Ultravate/Dovonex Combo Working in Jamaica
from Ruud B.

Hi Ed: How are you? It’s time for a report from Jamaica.

First of all, my respect for you and the way you answer all the Email.  Words cannot express what I feel when I read every month’s Mail.  I am still getting plenty of sun and salt water to keep my P. so, so in control.  I was reading July’s letters about mixing Ultravate 50% with Dovonex 50%.  I put this mixture on my head after about 9 years of digging flakes from the back of my head.  Within 2 weeks I was flake free on my head. Even my wife said, “Wa Happen? I don't see you digging any more.”  Ed, something is working.  With all my respect for you, -Ruud B. from Jamaica


Ed’s Response:  Always fun to hear from you, mahn!  Do your ears burn when I send people to read your emails here?  Many of us feel certain “island paradises” such as yours will obliterate our P, and you have been and remain a reality check for us.  Some people will find freedom from flaking where you are, but not everyone.  (Now that we know the truth, are we dissuaded from trying?  Hell no!!)

Hadn’t thought about using the Ultravate/Dovonex combo on scalp P.  I know that Ultravate alone would be considered by my derm “too strong” for scalp use; but maybe cut with the Dovonex (which, since it isn’t a steroid, doesn’t thin the skin) might make the combination safe.  I’m afraid a lot of readers would find it icky, but I guess what you’ll tolerate depends on your threshold for flaking, eh? 

Winter is setting in here, Ruud.  This is when I occasionally dream about your dive shop.  Stay warm!  -Ed

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