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Olux Foam + Dovonex: Best Yet
from AMW

Just wanted to let you know I, too, have been using Olux Foam on the psoriasis on my body.  My doctor prescribed it along with Dovonex cream.  She told me to put the Foam on first, and the Dovonex second, twice a day.  I started on Thursday evening, and by Saturday morning most of my lesions were completely smooth and clear.  Nothing, I mean nothing has worked so fast for me before. Usually the medications do not work at all!  I hope this is not just a fluke and that I will stay clear for longer than a few days.  I just had to let you know, it's worth a try. -AMW


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for letting us know.  I have received a steady stream of good reports on Olux Foam (not a single “It didn’t do a thing for me” email — which is unusual).  I’ve also been hearing from lots of folks who are being prescribed Dovonex as 50% of some combo therapy.  I think what the derms are hoping is that the steroid half of this popular combo — whatever it is, Ultravate, Diprolene, Olux Foam — will get the patient into remission and, eventually, the Dovonex should keep them there longer and safer.  As of yet no one’s emailed me to say, “My derm told me to stop taking the steroid and just continue on with the Dovonex,” but I’m expecting this to happen.

Unfortunately, I won’t be hearing it myself.  My Dovonex/Ultravate therapy lasted about three months and my lesions seemed totally unaffected.  The good news is nothing got worse.  The bad news is nothing got better.  I talked my derm into ending the combo therapy in favor of a return to Diprolene (betamethasone propionate) as my single topical. -Ed

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