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Tan-Through Swimsuits for Sun Exposure
from Linda W. (Durham, England)

Dear Ed:  You asked for comments from people who had tried tan-through swimwear.  I have two swimming costumes with a brand name of SOLAR.  Both were purchased from a department store in England called Littlewoods (they do mail order too [http://www.littlewoods.com/main2.html]).  They cost around 25.  If your psoriasis improves with natural sunlight (as does mine), you will love these cozzies!  They work beautifully!  They are made of a very fine mesh but are definitely not see through.  I really would recommend fellow sufferers try them. 

I have had psoriasis over most of my body for about 40 years (apart from during my two pregnancies) and wearing tan-through swimwear combined with hours of sea bathing clears my skin for a few weeks each summer. 

Have only just discovered your site and spent all evening reading everything!

I have just been prescribed Dovobet ointment but am warned to use it for one month only — I've decided not to open it until late November and (hopefully) give myself a Christmas treat.

Hope this helps someone. -Linda W.


Ed’s Response:  The original email that brought this to our attention came in November 2000 from Rose in Burlington.  Since then, there’s even been mention of the tan-through swimwear in a National Psoriasis Foundation publication (I think ... nothing is found about this via a search at the NPF website today).  Thanks for reporting in, Linda.  It sure sounds like a nifty way for those women who respond well to UVB to get treatment naturally even in those areas they’d not expose in public.

I hope your Christmas present to yourself — Dovobet — works well for you.  Let us know.  -Ed

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