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Newfoundland Kelp Claimed to Help P
from Scott M.

Hi Ed:  I wrote you some time ago (June '00) about the unusual number of Newfoundlanders suffering from psoriasis. I heard a story on the local news about treating P with Kelp products. I checked out their website  www.nfkelp.com — which reports patients have reported good results for treatment of Psoriasis, Crohn's, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, goiter, obesity and hair loss.

I find it interesting that some auto-immune disorders are mentioned above. I'm gonna order some and give it a try.  -Scott


Update on Newfoundland P Research, from Scott M. 
Research In a Flaking Newfoundland Community, from Maria V.

Ed’s Response:  Very interesting, Scott.  I went to the web site — www.nfkelp.com — and noted Psoriasis is mentioned twice on the home page (actually “Psoriasis” once and “Psoriasis Treatment” further into the home page text).  One must wonder if this isn’t front and center in the minds of the kelp producers because psoriasis had been made an unusually visible ailment in at least one community in Newfoundland (read Backstories, above)?  It might be that these kelp-based products have a wide-sweeping metabolic influence, with an equally broad influence on the immune system, hence effecting multiple immune system problems, and P is mentioned first because its so prevalent in that Newfoundland community.

Please do let us know how you do using the product(s).  -Ed

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