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Sweaters, Baths, Moisturizer + Pagano Trial
from AC

Hi, Ed.  First let me say that I love the site.  I'm emailing because I wanted to thank Christy D. for the tip about the flakes on the chairs and thank you for putting it up on the site. 

I have about 80% body coverage so I am a one woman snow machine. I recently started a new course and I used the trick of a sweater on the chair and it worked.  I've also discovered that if I wear a vest under my clothes — long enough to be tucked into my trousers or skirt — this also helps to avoid the flakes getting everywhere.

Also, I've started having baths every day — for about 30 minutes at least, rather than showers — just water with nothing added to it.  I moisturize as soon as I get out and it really helps the flaking.  I find that my skin isn't so dry all the time.

I've also bought Dr Pagano's book [http://www.psoriasis-healing.com]. I'm going to try his regimen and see what happens. I don't quite believe it, but it can't be worse than looking like this. I’ll keep you updated.  –AC


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, AC.  Bathing followed by immediate moisturizing has been a well-respected P therapy for a long time (see Consider A Bath Instead of A Shower).  One of the unwanted and too-often unmentioned things bad plaque lesions contribute to is dehydration of our skin and a good soak helps replenish the water we lose.  Moisturizers can help seal in that moisture — the greasier, the better.

Do let us know how the Pagano diet works for you, and how easy or difficult you find the diet to follow. 

We look forward to hearing from you.  -Ed

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