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Regrettable Bedside Manner
from Andrea S.

I received a generic, computer-generated letter from my dermatologist's office saying I was due for a checkup so I called to schedule an appointment.  She walks in, recognizes me with exasperation and says, "Look, I still don't have a cure for psoriasis — sorry.  Next time just call my nurse and we'll call in your prescriptions."  -Andrea S.


Ed’s Response:  Well isn’t that just peachy?  Was she thinking she was costing you money unnecessarily?  If so, she certainly lived up to her concern!  Is it still not politically correct to slap a woman?  Your derm didn’t ask:

How are your prescriptions working?

Had any flare-ups?

Any unusual stress?  Or colds or flu?

She didn’t say:

There are new drugs on the horizon that may work well for you...

Maybe it’s time to try something else....

I would not continue to patronize this derm.  You’re worth considerably more and better service than your email illustrates.  I wonder if this derm flunked out of veterinary school before picking dermatology as her booby prize?  -Ed

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