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Psoriasis Bad AND Good
from Mars B.

Dear Ed:  Some thoughts to share...

Good things about having psoriasis:

  • You never have to share a seat on a bus or train.

  • While others spend thousands traveling to the Alps or to Aspen,  you can play in the snow anytime, free.

  • You can never get lost in the woods,   just back-track on your flake trail.

  • Scratching a good itch is almost better than sex.

Other thoughts :

  • A brand-new toilet scrubbing brush makes a wonderful back scratcher.

  • Awoke early one morning to my two puppies licking my scalp and scraping off the deep patches with their baby teeth.  Oh, what relief from the itching.  My head felt good all day.

  • Thank you  God for letting me go from wheelchair, to crutches, to cane, and finally to my own two feet.  Limp a little now and then but I am grateful to be able to get out of bed by myself and get in and out of the bathtub by myself, and go to work every day.

Bye for now.  Glad to find this website.   I enjoyed many good laughs while reading the "Don’t Say This" page.  I needed that.  –Mars B.


Ed’s Response:  Thank you!  I’ll be grinning well into next month!  -Ed

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