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Last Word About Doctors — From a 7 Year Old
from Ria

Greetings Ed, and fellow flakers!  Like many of you, I get irritated when adults make stupid remarks about my skin.  However, it never bothers me when young children want to know about the P.  Here's a quick recap of one of those beautiful moments when the whole P deal becomes bearable:

I came upon two young ladies while shopping yesterday.  They were sisters, maybe 5 and 7 years old.  I was in an unusually good mood, and let them ask questions about those things (spots) on my arms.  I told them it was psoriasis, and no, they didn't actually hurt.  Then the conversation became interesting.

The older girl asked, "Do you always wear those spots?"  Yes, I replied, they are part of my skin.  In a sweet, innocent, and completely curious voice, she then asked; "Do you take them off when you get home?"  Trying not to laugh, I told her no, they were always there on my skin. 

The next question up, "Can the doctor take them off?"  I told the girls many doctors had tried, but were unable to remove the spots.  By now they were completely baffled.  However, the older girl seemed to try to make sense of this, and finished our conversation with: "But doctors are supposed to fix things!"

With that pronouncement, she and her sister turned and went off to find something else that might be interesting.

And I?  Well, I just smiled a huge smile, shook my head in silent agreement, and went on my own merry way.

Wishing you a great day of your own! -Ria


Ed’s Response:  Wonderful!  I love it when children totally outshine everything I know in a one clause utterance!  Thanks for sharing, Ria.  –Ed

P.S. – My 4 year old grand daughter surprised me stepping out of the shower years ago and exclaimed in wide-eyed wonder, “Look!  You have a tail like Barney!”  When the embarrassment of the moment had passed, I decided I ought to feel pretty special ... at least for a little while!  <wink>

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