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Clearing from the Top Down — Via Diet
from Erin

Dear Ed:  I have just entered the one year anniversary of developing this baffling disease.  It has been a very frustrating one but thanks to your website I have found a lot of comfort and strength!  I have tried the list of prescription creams and unfortunately they did not help me at all. 

I decided to look at my diet which had become mainly white flour, tomatoes, potatoes, hot peppers and red meat.  I saw a progressive change for the better when I removed these foods from my diet. 

I then started taking flax oil capsules for the alpha-linolenic acids and borage oil for the gamma-linolenic acids.  I have done some reading on both possibly helping the skin of psoriatics.  I have seen a huge change in my skin since I started taking them.  My scalp and face completely cleared first, then my neck, then my chest, torso and then elbows and wrists. 

Now my legs are looking so much better, the skin just gets softer and the shedding is very minimal.  It is so strange to see it move down my body and slowly clear. 

My husband says there is a name for that kind of healing.  Have you ever experienced this before or heard of others clearing in the same way?  It sure is nice not to leave little piles of DNA everywhere for a change.  If this is as good as it's going to get I could live with it!

It's been a rough year. Thank-you for the laughs and the info and I really appreciate that you never rain on anyone's parade when they find something that works for them.  You are very open-minded and always respond in a positive way,  I'm sure you know that not all of the support groups are like that.  God bless you Ed.   Sincerely,  -Erin


Ed’s Response:  I haven’t heard of others clearing “from the top down,” Erin, but it sounds like a nice way to get better.  Scalp P was the first to hit me and the last to get under control, which is, as my granddaughter would say, “double-icky” because it’s so noticeable and uncomfortable.

Your experience with the flax and borage oils contributes to that growing mountain of evidence that it’s probably possible to ingest our way to clearer skin.  It’s notable that you haven’t had P long — about a year — but it spread fast.  Now your change of diet and nutritional supplements regimen is clearing you fast, too.  (I say “fast” because all this has happened in about a year.  In the Greater Flakers’ Scheme of Things, a year is relatively short.)

One thing we rarely read about in scientific or anecdotal accounts of P treatments is the patients’ histories — in particular, length of time with active P.  This might not be a significant consideration when analyzing the performance of drugs or other palliative regimens, but what little literature I’ve read about diet and nutrition leads me to think it probably is significant to completely understand the effect of diet on diseases like P.  For example, some of the dietary regimens are supposed to “de-toxify” us.  Toxicity, I read, is cumulative — and so is the process of getting rid of it.  Even if toxicity is not the core issue, we all know in our guts that what we eat affects us over time.  A big question in my mind:  Do diet-related regimens actually correct a diet-related cause of P, or do they just use the digestive system as another way of treating P symptoms?

Here’s a link to a product that contains both flax and borage oils:  Barlean’s.

Stay in touch, Erin.  -Ed

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