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U.S. Version of U.K.’s Mint Source Shampoo?
from Sherry S.

Ed:  You wrote in response to Vix last month:  “I’m not sure your Original Mint Source shampoo and conditioner is available in the U.S., but hope any reader who can confirm it is (or isn’t) will let us know.”

Have you seen Neutrogena T/Gel's new variation that has "soothing, cooling Methanol in an anti-itch formula"?  I no longer have the box for the plastic 4.4-fl.oz bottle, so that's all the quoting I can do.  The experience is cooling, and the rest of the formula is the same. -Sherry S.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Sherry.  Come to think of it, I had seen an ad for T/Gel’s new formulation, but have not tried it.  While “methanol” and “mint” may not be the same, the effect sounds similar — a “cool and soothing” experience.  -Ed

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