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Fish Oil Cleared Her
from Still Itchy in Toronto

Ed. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't come across your website! It wasn't long ago that my torso was covered in dime sized spots and I couldn't figure what in the hell was wrong with me! This past March my condition was at its worst, so I decided to search the Internet for answers and solutions.  (For years I was too embarrassed to take my clothes off in front of a derm.)  It turned out to be a case of guttate P, made worse by a change of climate and increased stress.

I read all of the letters in your archives and decided to try Fish Oil for a remedy — three gel capsules of salmon oil daily, plus drinking extra water. That was the beginning of March (it is the end of September now) and the spots have COMPLETELY cleared!!! I no longer feel like Disease Woman and I actually wore a bikini this summer AND my husband is allowed to see me naked! I feel like I have been relieved of this burden that has plagued me for years! HOORAY and thank you!

On the negative side, I must admit that my scalp P is still a burden and the Salmon Oil hasn't made a great difference. The only thing that seems to help is rubbing olive oil on my head when things get out of control and using Nizoral Shampoo. The tar shampoos accomplished nothing, except for making my hair smell awful.

Oh well. I'm glad most of me is P free. Good luck to everyone out there and don't give up!

In my time of need it was comforting to know that I was not alone. -Still Itchy in Toronto


Ed’s Response:  I’m glad the fish oil regimen has worked for you, Itchy.  Were you using huge daily dosages like Mark Shaw?

Now, if we could just pass along something to calm down your scalp!  Sounds like the things that work for you concentrate on scale removal and killing fungi (olive oil, Nizoral shampoo).  The olive oil softens scale, making it easier to comb or brush off the scalp.  Nizoral is a popular anti-dandruff shampoo because of its anti-fungal properties.  Theoretically, at least, scalp P and dandruff from fungal infection are two different things; however, it’s always possible both problems exist and even exacerbate each other.  I’ve read that P lesions are more easily infected by fungi, which is not hard to believe.  The rough and scaly skin can hide the critters … like terrorists in a desert mountain terrain.  The object of products like Nizoral, however, is to kill the fungus and stop the dandruff.  The fact that your  problem persists suggests P (or a particularly robust colony of fungi).

Have you tried occluding your scalp overnight?  (Maybe now that you can get naked in front of your husband you could sneak by unnoticed with a shower cap on in bed?)

Best of luck to you, and keep us apprised of your progress! -Ed

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