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from James D.

Hi Ed:  As usual you continue to maintain a great site — keep it up.  I just wanted to write in and let fellow sufferers know about a little experiment I've been pursuing for the past six weeks.

I began by shaving my whole body of hair (legs, armpits, etc.).  I noticed an immediate difference, the psoriasis has practically gone.  And we all know how stubborn it can be on the legs, right?

I should also mention that at the same time I started taking Omega Complex supplements (omega 3, 6 & 9). Are they working in unison?  I don't know.  But what results! (I've been a sufferer for 20 years.)

Good Luck.  -James D.


Ed’s Response:  Good for you, James!  I believe the full-body-shave is a first here at FlakeHQ.  I have a year-old grandson (#3) who wouldn’t know what to do if he couldn’t yank (hard!) on Papa’s gray chest hairs.  (I’ve thought of shaving there to avoid the pain, but not for P control.)  I’ve often wondered (but only wondered) if shaving one’s head wouldn’t make treating scalp P easier and more effective. (The drawback, of course, is how awful you’d look between shaving your head and clearing your scalp P!)

Many flakers have reported improvement from the fatty acid food supplements you are taking.  The combination of fish oil, Evening Primrose oil and Flaxseed oil is supposed to help arthritis as well as “enhance the condition of the hair and skin.”

I hope your remission hangs on.  Are you intending to keep your full-body-shave? -Ed

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