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Nudist:  Proof Positive
from Roger D.

Roger D's AANR Membership CardHi Ed:  Well, it seems from your response to my last letter that you're beginning to doubt my veracity as to the nudist status, so I'm sending you a copy of my AANR membership card, which shows my dates of membership. Of course, for good reasons, I've blocked out our last name and membership number. As for the postcard, I've had a very difficult time convincing my wife to snap the picture. It seems she's a little concerned about who might see it once it leaves our control. For the sake of harmony in the home, I just have to go with that for now.

I appreciated Ria's use of signage to get the jump on the curious and often not-so-tactful she encountered in the hospital. That was exactly the idea behind the P-shirts I came up with years ago, and still use today. I love T-shirts and often use them to convey messages. I have one (not P-related) that states on the front pocket "Nudist in Disguise."  That causes as much stir as the P-shirts, if not more.

I think one of my P-shirts has just the right wording for your sign to take to meetings with you. It states. "There's nothing wrong with me. You're just seeing red spots in front of your eyes." [Click here for more of Roger’s T-shirts. -Ed]

By the way, I haven't seen any real results from the filtered water yet, but it's a little hard to tell as I usually get some significant clearing with trips to camp in the summer anyway. I'm going to keep using it, however, and maybe I'll be able to see if it helps in the fall and winter.

As always, best wishes and thanks for the site. Keep up the good work. -Roger D.


Ed’s Response:  It’s true a picture is worth a thousand words.  Not only does your membership card prove the “veracity” behind your claim to being a nudist, it tells us an important anniversary has just past — your twentieth year as a card-carrying member of the American Association for Nude Recreation.  Congratulations are in order!

Your membership card also nips in the bud any potential continuing clamor on my part to see a post card.  Well, let me just refine the clamor a bit.  I was never — I realize now — specific enough.  Please do not feel obliged to send us a postcard sporting a picture of you snapped by your wife!  What I had in mind was more like the postcard I received from a secretary while she was vacationing in Europe about twenty years ago:  It was a picture taken at Costa del Sol in Spain, specifically, on a nude beach.  None of the folks in the photo could have been on that beach twenty years earlier — at least not without a diaper.  Do you get my drift?

Thanks for shedding light on the subject, Roger.  I’ll expect a filtered water update towards the end of the year.  -Ed

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