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Is Facial P Rare?
from Sherry in Crockett

A reportedly top-notch derm told me facial P is rare. He also wanted to biopsy several areas on my face. Is facial P really rare? -Sherry in Crockett


I can’t quote statistics, Sherry, but I do know the National Psoriasis Foundation booklet titled "Psoriasis on Specific Skin Sites" devotes several paragraphs to facial P.... And I’ve had it, sometimes quite severely.

I would typically get lesions just beneath my hair line, on my eyelids, outer (and inner) ears, on my nose, and beneath my beard on both sides of my chin.

Fortunately for me — and for most people, I read — facial lesions usually respond well to mild topical corticosteroids. I used fluocinonide solution (relatively strong) on badly flaming lesions and Westcort Cream (relatively weak) on less active lesions. In fact, until last year I was applying a very small amount of Westcort Cream thinly to nose and eyelids once daily as a preventative. No one condoned this as using a topical corticosteroid of any strength as a routine preventative is a lousy practice, but for years this kept my face lesion-free. I stopped the practice when it became obvious the systemics (methotrexate then cyclosporine) were quelling my lesions everywhere. -Ed

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