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Advice to V. (Dropped Out and Trying Eastern Meds)
from Tara

Hi: I may be new to FlakeHQ but I’m definitely not new to flaking. At school my friends all called me the Flake Monster — and yes, they actually were very good friends.

I've had P for 21 years and have given up on doctors as well as miracle alternative cures. (However, after reading some of your mail I will add that a stint as a vegan for a couple of years did work wonders but, alas, I ultimately could not avoid the lure of animal produce.)

I'm writing because I want to say something to V. (from September, Dropped Out and Trying Eastern Meds). V., I know it's not much comfort but if you like yourself there's nothing to hide from. If people say things or stare, it's an instant message to say that they're not worth knowing anyway. If it's out of ignorance, educate them; if it's out of meanness, treat them as you would any other bully. It's not easy but it's just not worth letting P ruin your life. Here is a couple of "Don’t Say This" items from me to you:

Helpful comment to 19 year old wearing a fab, slinky strapless dress to a Christmas Party: "You'll never get a boyfriend if you show off those spots like that." (End result: Dress worn and hunky boyfriend well and truly in tow.)

A comment from my current beau when I had a rare clear-up (for all of two weeks): "I miss your spots, I've got nothing to pick at." - very romantic!

Enough of my ramblings. -Tara


Ed’s Response: I’ve nothing to add to this sound advice, Tara. I surely hope V. gives it a read. -Ed

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