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We Can Make This a Designer Disease
from Hazel R.

Hi Ed and greetings from South Africa. You were lost to me for a month or two, I don't know why, but I couldn't find the best website in the world no matter what I did. Anyway, late last month I managed to get you back and today I have been passing a few hours catching up on the archive stuff. It is great to read letters from fellow club members. I refuse to be a sufferer. It sounds so bloody negative, which brings me to the point of my e-mail (did I hear you say thank God?).

Many of the letters in the archives are from people who are having a great deal of difficulty handling the reaction of those poor unadorned plain skinned people who are not endowed with interesting skin decorations like us. Yeah, they can be cruel and unkind but then they are probably cruel and unkind to blind people and quadriplegics, too. They don't wake up and say, "It's the psoriatics' turn today." Feel sorry for these taunters, they have nothing better to do with their lives! We all have flaws and we all have talents and it is important to realize that even if we do have strange mottled skin and white bits on our clothes, we are also great people. Walk around smiling at everyone and you will find they will notice your smile long before they even think to look at your skin. Confound those people who say unkind things by complimenting them on something. Not only will they feel shitty for having been unkind, they will remember you for the nice things you say—not your skin. Beauty comes from within us all and if we let that inner beauty shine through it will blind everyone to the P and make us feel a whole lot better at the same time.

Come on Flakers all over the world, let's put on a happy face, smile at everyone so that in future people will say, "Oh, he/she has Psoriasis, and is such a happy person!" It could even become a designer disease.

I'm off to the UK for a month to visit my Dad (he bought a Dustbuster specially for my visit). I hope to read some smiling success stories at this website when I return! Lots of love and a huge smile to you all from me. -Hazel R.


Ed's Response: I could sense you were missing, Hazel. Let's not repeat that, shall we?

A designer disease. What a concept.

Lorraine: Why Henrietta! Your flakes are looking dandy today!
Henrietta: So kind of you, Lorraine. Actually I'm a bit put out.
Lorraine: No! Whatever for?
Henrietta: I'm just not flaking the way I want to. I mean, my elbows and knees are almost not flaking at all!
Lorraine: That's awful! Is it something you're eating?
Henrietta: I don't know! But I'm fit to be tied!

Kidding aside, I appreciate your sentiments and subscribe to your advice, Hazel ... and I hope you have a smashing good time on holiday in the UK. -Ed

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