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Freezing Lesions Cleared Me for a Year
from Brent

Hello Ed: I'm a second time visitor to your site. I have mild P mostly on the scalp. I recently received information on a program called Exorex and was wondering if you had heard about any results from it. Whether they be good or bad, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a scam or just another coal tar treatment treating the symptom instead of the disease.

I have found something that worked 100% for me but would only work for someone with only a few small spots on your torso or legs like I have. I found that freezing the spot until just before a blister appears has made every spot I hit stay gone for over a year. It does remain tender for a few days after so one wouldn't want to try it on a large spot. I probably sound nuts and I only tried it after I had a mole removed with liquid nitrogen. The only side effect I found was that I had a slight skin discoloration like a sun tanned circle but they evened out after being outside in the summer. Anyway it's just something I stumbled onto and it might help someone.

Thanks for all the information you've given me in your site. -Brent


Ed's Response: Brent, go to this link to read about Exorex...

This is from Ed Anderson's "Hall of PShame." As you might imagine, Exorex isn't lauded at this site! Also, at the bottom of this page I've put some links to Exorex discussions from the Archives.

The first derm I went to after my face broke out in lesions used liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin on my nose. It cleared up that lesion for about a month. She never did get the diagnosis right. The derm that finally did would not use freezing as a therapy for P lesions.

While I certainly couldn't and wouldn't want to argue your results, Brent, there is a known risk factor called the Koebner Phenomenon. This is a well known Effect in which skin trauma brings out a lesion. You are suggesting a sort of reverse Koebner—using trauma to eradicate a lesion. If anyone else has had experience with this—any kind of trauma upon a lesion that makes it go away—I would love to hear about it.

Write back to me, Brent, and tell me how you freeze your lesions until just before a blister appears. Are you using liquid nitrogen still? If not, how painful is your process? -Ed

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