Mail (August, 1998)

New Remedy: Deodorant
From Lily

I had just finished my bath and a lesion on my leg was REALLY itching. Having the deodorant in my hand, I promptly smeared it on the p patch. The itching stopped and, much to my surprise, the raised spot started going down and the flaking subsided. So, I tried it on my head (not easy, really gummy and yucky) and (surprise again) it seemed to help. I also have a small lesion on one temple, so tried the deodorant there where it took some of the redness away. I have been doing this for about a week and, like most things, the sudden improvement has slowed. I will keep you posted. Oh ... One immediate result of my deodorant applications has been a significant improvement over how I smelled when I used tar emollients! -Lily


About my deodorant experiment. Well, I have been super agitated for the last week which, as you know, usually brings on a massive p attack. But my lesions, undergoing the deodorant treatments, have maintained. Not improved, just maintained. For me, that in itself is an improvement. I will keep you posted.

I have a friend who has gone from being totally crippled—her hands—and not being able to walk due to p. She took chemotherapy and it has cleared her. I am trying to get her to send you the details. -Lily


Ed's Response: Lily! You've provided just enough detail to make us curious. Of course, the first question on the tips of our communal tongue: Which deodorant are you using? You suggested you had been using tar emollients prior to the deodorant discovery. Have you ever used anything else? I'm also looking forward to your friend's story. The chemotherapy derivatives for P treatment are considered by most to be major, but it sounds like your friend's condition certainly warranted something major. Tell your friend to send details. We look forward to hearing more from both of you. -Ed


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