Mail (August, 1998)

Just Say No to Discrimination
From Judy J.

Hi Ed: I am a civilian working for the Navy (ok we aren't all perfect) and have suffered discrimination on the job. I finally said "Enough!" and went to my EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Counselor. As a result, several things have and are going to happen:

1. I no longer can be made to wear long-sleeved garments on the job. Not necessary, says the doc at medical. Cool!

2. There's going to be a meeting in each department on base, starting with ours, about dealing with handicapped employees. (I'm still trying to figure out who's handicapped.) The Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA) nurse is coming over to give everyone some insight into psoriasis. Am I superb or what!

3. A special trainer is being brought in to teach co-workers how to work with epileptics, psoriatics, etc. I have epilepsy, also; and another guy has it. The other fellow has recently had several seizures on the job and had to be hospitalized. He's now back on the job. Yeah!

The idea is to get people to take their heads out of various places of their anatomy and start acting like they have a life. Rent one, if ya have to! Life does get interesting, doesn't it!

I have your "Don't Say This" paper taped up in my work area. Lots of interesting comments. Thanks for all the encouragement! I've never, and I mean never, been able to look at psoriasis humorously until you came along. Thanks, Ed! You are indeed gifted. Love the paper on the green CRT monitors! -Judy J.


Ed's Response: Great to hear from you, Judy. Sounds as though you are "readjusting some attitudes" among the Squids. Good for you. Sally Fields might play you in the movie they make about you.

Whoever made you wear long sleeve shirts should be made to wear a tightly sealed garbage bag over their head for a few days. (That is, of course, unless your flakes were drifting into, and shorting out, circuit boards in missile warheads, or something.)

Now that you have found yourself in a position of influence in the Navy, you do realize, don't you?, that you can be of service to the no doubt hundreds of other flakers that work elsewhere for the Navy. For example, do the powers that be in USN realize that Flakers all require 90-minute lunches? Guaranteed six week vacations in Israel at the Dead Sea? Come on-n-n-n, Judy. We're depending on you. It starts as a base S.O.P., then it makes it into the Navy Regs, then DOD's, then Congress adds it to the U.S. Code, then we start blowing the whistle on ALL employers and, before you know it, we're all partying down at the Dead Sea! Go Judy! :-) -Ed

P.S. - Judy's closing reference is to a sneak preview from More Flakes, a chapter titled "Intrigue at 30,000 Feet." You can read it by clicking on Flake Books, above, then on "Sneak Previews."


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