Mail (August, 1998)

"Shit Happens"
From Matthew E.

Well, Well, Well. We do have a sense of humor, don't we. Nice to see people as twisted as me.

My Grandmother lived with rheumatoid arthritis (R.A.) and psoriasis for most of her life. I remember it well enough, but have been doing some research just now, as it seems that my sister may have psoriasis now. She was diagnosed with R.A. last year. It's hard for Mum as she had to watch her mother with it and now may have to watch her daughter.

Personally, I was born with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele (I know it's a mouthful). It is apparently the worst form of S.B. and I am supposed to be wheelchair bound.

Everyone waited on tenterhooks for the first six months of my life to see if I would develop hydracephalus (water on the brain). I've had my share of surgery and have had an illeal conduit since I was four, a kidney removed, epileptic fit under the knife and I've been disappointing doctors all my life. Ho Hum.

One thing I've learned is just how important it is to be able to laugh and not take myself/things seriously. I love telling others about my life, ostensibly because I believe if they can learn something from me or feel better about themselves, then it's a good thing, but also to see the expressions of first shock, then sympathy and general play of emotions on their faces because I don't look any different.

Thanks for the humourous manner in which your site is presented. It's good to see others around who can appreciate themselves the way you do. I'm sure you have bad days, but it sounds like you understand the true meaning of "Shit Happens." -Matthew E.


Ed's Response: Glad you dropped by for a visit, Matt. I'm suitably humbled by your story to shrug and say, "What? My psoriasis? No big deal." And yes, Matt, I truly do understand the meaning of "Shit Happens." But I think you've earned the right to sport this bumper sticker: "Shit Happens: But More to Some Than Others." -Ed


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