Mail (August, 1998)

They Diagnosed My Self-Esteem!
From Capegirl

Dear Ed: The other day my friend had me go into the local post office for her while she took care of her kids in the car. In front of the door there were some other kids that were obviously really bored while their mother chatted with a friend. They were talking into some large bright orange plastic cylinders (like road workers place to keep you out of harm's way) as I was walking by. I couldn't resist. I said, "The last time I did that I got SPOTS!" I was wearing a short dress with no sleeves, which exposed an elaborate design of red scaly spots. The kids gawked, speechless.

Honestly, people keep saying things to me like, "That must not be good for your self-esteem," to which I reply, "It doesn't do anything but itch. It's rude comments that damage my self-esteem."

Anyway, since I am currently getting asked about my "condition" I am sure something else will end up being worth telling you about. -Capegirl


Ed's Response: Sounds like something I would have said. My favorite is this line delivered to curious young teenage boys who go to a Catholic parochial school: "What is it? Well, all I can tell you is, some boys just go blind ... I got this, instead." -Ed

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