Mail (August, 1998)

Scalp Cocktail Didn't Do It For Me
from Flo G.

Dear Ed: I just read through your page and wanted to let you know I enjoyed it. I do try to keep a sense of humor about my psoriasis—either laugh or go crazy! It's only been 3 years since I was diagnosed and it's mostly on my scalp so not as obvious; but people keep recommending dandruff shampoos! I read your reply to the scalp letter and unfortunately the scalp cocktail (it sounds like the same thing—I had two different ones or different strengths, whatever) didn't do anything but ruin my favorite pillow. I went without any kind of treatment for a long time after getting fed up with that mess and my psoriasis actually cleared up some. We did go on a Carribean Cruise at the same time that I quit. My P is flaring up again now though. Think my insurance would spring for another Carribean trip? :) Guess I better head back to my derm. Anyway thanks for sharing, I'm going to look for your book it sounds like a good one. Keep Smiling. -Flo G.


Ed's Response: I'm miffed that you took the Carribean trip without the rest of us, especially since it seems to have been so good for you. I'm going to credit an addition to the "Don't Say This" list to you, Flo: "Have you tried Head and Shoulders?" I can't believe no one's submitted that line, or that I didn't recall it. You came closest, so you get the credit. How many of us have NOT heard that, or something like it? And how many of us DIDN'T go through several cases of OTC dandruff shampoos before learning the real culprit was P!?

I'm sorry but not really surprised that you didn't have great results with the scalp cocktail. (READERS: See link below for more discussion of this compounded pharmaceutical.) I must admit that, over the years, its effectiveness for me has diminished, too. Which is one reason I don't use it more frequently ... Continuing hope that I won't "outgrow it" completely! And yes, even the tightest shower cap doesn't seem to keep your pillowcase from staining. So, I have one pillowcase that's become my permanent "scalp cocktail night pillowcase." (My wife confuses it with a furniture polishing rag.)

Sometimes, just ignoring your psoriasis for awhile WILL make it better. The problem is, this is a crap shoot, because other times ignoring it will make it RAGE.

Thanks for finding us, Flo. And now that you know where we are, don't be a stranger! -Ed

Scalp P Has Got To Go!

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