Communications (September, 1997)

End is Nigh - Follow-up
from T. Wilkinson (a.k.a. Nostradamus)

Ed, I had never realized how forgiving plywood and carpeting could be until hysterics hurtled me out of the Lazyboy tonight. Your reply to the email I sent you last month [Psoriasis Sufferers: The End is Nigh] was the perfect kickoff to the weekend. Sherrie (the alpha female), Ginger (the omega dog), Dusty (the STOP! CAUTION! cat) and I truly appreciate the good humor you delivered to us this evening. And speaking of Nostradmus, or should I say Nostradewke, had you any idea that I brewed 4 gallons of beer last weekend? -Tim


Ed's Response:

;) -Ed

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