Communications (September, 1997)


PUVA: More Info
from Mickey Koth

I was referred to your Flake HQ from eczema discussion list. You may want to check out this site for more information about PUVA:

This gives information about PUVA that my derm never told me. In fact, some of it directly contradicts what I was told. My derm took a very lax point of view while this web site is far more conservative in terms of when and how long to wear the UV shades, etc.

I had two rounds of PUVA. It worked ok, but not well enough to justify the expense (the pills), the time (I always used up my sick time for the appointments), the risk (UVA penetrates deeper than UVB, plus you take the pills to increase absorption), or the hassle of wearing the UV shades. However, that's been my experience and it may be worth it if it really helps someone. An acquaintance of mine who does PUVA says that, for her, it is a quality of life matter versus the expense, risks, and hassles. For her, the former justifies the latter. -Mickey Koth


Ed's Response:

Thanks, Mickey, for the referral and the report on your experience. Add to your litany of hassles the problem routine and frequent appointments can mean for people who travel a lot. Even before I tried PUVA I knew that was going to be a problem for me. -Ed

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