Communications (September, 1997)


UVB Lamps & Snorkeling
from Rich Gannaway

Hi, My name is Rich Gannaway, also a psoriasis dude. I very much enjoyed reading you words of wisdom and entertainment. I use a home UVB light that saves me. Went to Jamaica last Christmas and went snorkeling. I was clear for three months after that. Yes I am going again. Look forward to hearing from you. Good luck. -Rich


Ed's Response:

I'm mad at you, Rich, because you went to Jamaica, snorkeled, and didn't invite me.

We need to hear more about your home UVB light. I've seen these contraptions advertised but haven't tried one. My derm has a handy (no pun intended) light box made specifically for treating hands and feet and, on more than one occasion, I've thought about absconding with it—not because it's done me much good psoriasis-wise, but it warms my hands and feet. -Ed

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