Communications (September, 1997)

Kids are P-less
from Dave Hayzen-Smith

I just found your site and haven't had such a good laugh about P for ages. I am 49 and have suffered now for about 20 years, tried every form of treatment known to man, some almost worked, for a week or two, and then back to "normal." I gave up on treatments except for a lot of showers about 3 years ago, at least it hasn't gotten any worse!

Just a couple of comments, I have 5 kids, none of them have psoriasis yet, the oldest (26) gets some skin problems that antihistamines seem to take care of, the other 4 have no symptoms up to now, so for the guy that mailed in about having kids ... go for it!

I really appreciated you comments regarding sex and psoriasis, up till now I have had no problems, except when I had it for awhile on my "privates." A condom and no BJs seemed to work.

Keep up the humor, I will return frequently. -Dave Hayzen-Smith


Ed's Response

Obviously, Dave, your psoriasis hasn't inhibited your propensity to procreate, and I'm always ready to hear success stories in that regard. (I read them late at night, with a flashlight.) Of course, we all know that your offsprings' lack of the disease is probably a favor they inherited from their mum.... ;) -Ed


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