Communications (September, 1997)

Ed's Take on Skin-Cap:

I've sworn to myself for months now that I wasn't going to let the SC issue into Flake HQ because it was getting more than enough attention on the news group and, then, from NPF. However I do get the mentioning emails and I don't want to seem unresponsive by not publishing them all.

Fact of the matter is, I've tried SC on two separate occasions and the results were undistinguished enough not to warrant the purchase price. Now I know WHY I probably got undistinguished results! The "hidden active" ingredient in the product—clobetasol propionate—is a steroid I was already using under prescription (Temovate). I use Temovate on a revolving exchange regimen with Diprolene and Halog; the three in rotation work as well as anything I have tried. I was probably already getting my maximum benefit from clobetasol propionate.

Now, if I were Glaxo Dermatology—the manufacturer of Temovate—I'd be applying to the FDA right now to release the product in some base that can be sprayed out of a can. So what if it becomes a prescription product? I, for one, would be more inclined to try it (again) because I have insurance to cover the lion's share of prescriptions, but not OTC products.

If you would like to encourage Glaxo Dermatology (a division of Glaxo Wellcome, a UK-based pharmacology conglomerate) to pursue a "legitimate" version of this medicine, you may email them using the form at (They didn't, by the way, encourage me to publish their address. This is called "grass roots action".) -Ed

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