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Amevive Keeping Him Clear
from Jason

Ed, I have been a long time reader of your site. It is truly a great site filled with testimonials from real life psoriasis sufferers. I first developed psoriasis 16 years ago at the age of 12 after a bout of food poisoning. Started as small guttate lesions and slowly progressed over time to large chronic plaques that covered a large portion of my body. Tried everything from steroids, light treatments, tar, SkinCap, Dovonex, etc... Nothing ever worked for me. Then I tried Enbrel and it cleared me completely! The bad news is that after a year on Enbrel, I started to get "tingles" in my hands and feet. Stopped the Enbrel immediately after that and was clear for a few months. Then the lesions started to come back and I was put on Amevive. Amevive cleared me completely again! I have since done 2 rounds of Amevive injections and each round left me completely clear for about 13 months at a time. It has been like living a different life without having all the plaques, dandruff, stares and endless ointments to worry about everyday. I couldn't be happier with my Amevive experience so far. I should be due for another round soon as I have been clear for 10 months since my last series of injections. I really appreciate everything you do for the site as it was one of my favorites when studying biologics. I just wanted to share my positive experience with others. I know how bad things can be with psoriasis and how sometimes it feels like you will never get any relief. I have been there and wish everyone the best in their psoriasis treatments. Thank you, -Jason


Ed's Response: Thanks for the kind words, Jason, and the too-infrequently-heard report about good results on Amevive. Of the few biologics for psoriasis, Amevive has the 2nd worst rep. (In 1st Place, regrettably, is Raptiva for its removal from the market after being linked to fatal cases of the brain disease, PML.) Amevive, like Raptiva, is a unique biologic in that it does something no other currently does: it kills off "pathogenic T-cells," cells that have been linked to the kind of unnecessary inflammation that causes psoriasis lesions (among other things). Hundreds of us have either tried Amevive and found it ineffective, or were in line to try it and learned our already-too-low CD+4 cell counts made the drug an untenable option.

I don't think, however, that your report of good results from Amevive are unique or even rare. My bet is that when it works, it works very well, and most people who achieve this fortunate result aren't frequenting online communities for flakers.

And that makes me exceedingly grateful for your contribution, Jason. I hope you'll stay in touch. -Ed

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