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Going to Try Dr. Tirant’s Regimen
from Grant M.

Dear Ed, Greetings from New Zealand. I found your web site yesterday after looking for some info on a Dr. Michael Tirant. Your web site is magic, funny and sad all at the same time. I particularly like your online book Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic.

I'm about to turn 47 (tomorrow in fact) and have had psoriasis since at least adolescence. It may have been before that, but I guess I noticed it more when I was older. As a kid, I just went on being a kid and don't seem to recall worrying what people thought about me. But then the hormones started to flow, and girls, my appearance, social pressures became part of everyday life. I remember it well! Wow, what a roller coaster part of life.

I can almost get rid of the P with lots of sunshine, swimming in the sea and (in the winter like we're in now) good old hydrocortisone. My mother also has it so I guess I know where the hereditary part comes in.

I'm writing because I saw a little 5-inch-square advertisement in a local paper yesterday, saying "DON'T give up on psoriasis". I thought, mmmmm, maybe find out more about this. Another quack or has this guy got something? His Australian website is and the New Zealand clinic that has just recently opened is 

I've been through all the "normal" suffering that this condition brings — sometimes raw stinging skin, itchy, facial lesions on forehead, cheeks, neck. Spots all over my chest and abdomen. Canceling appointments because I can't face people, staying home from work "sick," drinking horrendously bitter Chinese herbal remedies — yup, I relate to your experiences so well!

Anyway, I've made an appointment to go see this Dr. Shirley Cao (the NZ clinic doctor who's been trained by the 'famous' Dr. Michael Tirant) this coming Saturday afternoon and I'd like to correspond with someone who can relate to the (sometimes) sense of despair from having psoriasis, and the anticipation that maybe, just maybe, this one could help get the beast under control. If you would like to hear how it goes, please let me know. You probably get stories like this a hundred times a day, but let me know if it’s of interest to you.

Thanks, -Grant M.


Thanks for writing, Grant.  Yes, we'd be interested in hearing about your experiences with Dr. Cao in New Zealand.

It's been awhile since we've received correspondence about Dr. Tirant, Cao's teacher, but, since 2000, we've received several interesting emails. (Search on Tirant from the FlakeHQ home page for a list.) Perhaps the most impressive Tirant-related success story came from Sara S.: Dr. Tirant's Psoriasis and Skin Clinic Changed Her Life. I hope your experience will be similar.  On the other hand, be careful with some of his proprietary consumables (scroll down to “late breaking news” on this page). -Ed

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