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The Best Laid Plans Worked This Time
from Stephanie C.

Hi Ed, I emailed you in the beginning of June and you answered my letter (Suddenly Psoriatic and Recalcitrant, Too). Thank you! I wanted to update you on my progress.

In my first visit with my new doctor he, too, brought up biologics. He gave me some materials to read and told me to think about them for the next appointment. He also prescribed Clobex shampoo which has been a godsend.

Jamaica was wonderful and I didn’t have to wear a shower cap.

I saw my doctor again about a month later and we decided to go ahead with Humira. After the necessary blood work and TB test, I was given two shots in his office. The office was able to set me up with a subsidized payment plan so with that and my insurance Humira is completely covered and delivered to my house. I have now given myself three shots and will self-inject the fourth in two days. Things definitely got worse before I saw improvements, but in the last 2 weeks I have noticed major changes. 

The Humira along with clobetasol ointment have cleared my face and back. My hands were really bad but have now improved and my scalp has become more manageable. I did end up cutting most of my hair off and it is now a short curly bob — but it’s so much easier to comb the build-up out and doesn't show or put stress on the spots where I was losing hair.

Again I want to thank you. Your website and PsorChat are so encouraging and I always find little nuggets of good advice or humor. I finally feel like I’m winning a battle or two against "P."  -Stephanie C.


Ed’s Response:  I LOVE good news, Stephanie. Thanks for sharing and do keep us apprised. -Ed

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