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Bad Itches, Good Vibrations
from Sadie H.

Hi Ed:  I wandered into your website whilst searching for some information on psoriasis. My experience with psoriasis is the familiar story of irritation, itching, embarrassment and general all round aaaarrrgggghhhhiness that many people suffer from.

I've had psoriasis on my legs and arms for about 20 years, but apart from the time I had an all over face and body explosion — the result of a prolapsed disc — the attacks have been fairly mild. Twelve years ago though, after an unpleasant sexual experience, I was left with genital psoriasis.

So, going back to the subject of embarrassment: Ahem, well now, as I say, I've had genital psoriasis for twelve years. A year ago I discovered a way to relieve the incessant itch that kept me awake for hours at night. I thought I'd share this as I couldn’t see an article on your website about it, though clearly I haven’t read them all.  What works for me is placing a vibrator against the itch, and this calms it down in a matter of seconds. It’s easy enough to grip it between your legs and then going to sleep at night is no longer a problem.

I wish someone would design something specific for the purpose, maybe with little vibrating pads I could put on my legs too. And for that matter, I wish they'd design some seamless pants (what do you call pants in the US, knickers?) while they're about it!

Anyway, as I say, mildly embarrassing, but I'm thinking this may help someone with genital psoriasis who hasn't tried it, and goodness knows I wish someone had told me about this years ago.

Yours Truly, -Sadie H.


Ed’s Response:  Sadie, as you were courageous enough to email me, I feel compelled to be courageous enough to post this.  (Do you think we’ll get comments?)  -Ed

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