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Pagano Has Worked for Him
from Tony C.

Hi Ed:  It's Tony C. here again. This is just an update on my Pagano regimen.

After being on the diet for seven months, I decided to stop my medication (Raptiva and Neotigason). And guess what:  Despite stopping my medication two and a half months ago, my psoriasis has not come back!

To put it simply, all that I have been doing is eating around 80% fresh fruit and vegetables, with vitamin supplements (omega 3 fish oil, flax seed oil, lecithin, and zinc), plus morning and night I have been drinking slippery elm, and saffron tea, as described in Dr. Pagano's book.

I want to say this to all psoriasis sufferers: Over many years, in my constant search to discover a "cure" or "treatment" to relieve psoriasis, the majority of the information I found was blatantly bias, and often did not seem credible. When I first discovered it, I also doubted Dr. Pagano's treatment, as I found widespread criticism of his technique.

For all psoriasis sufferers who are searching for the "answers," if I could not mention Dr. Pagano's book and just leave you with a simple message I would. But unfortunately, that is not possible for me as his methods, treatment and ideas have become invaluable to the successful treatment of my psoriasis. But I want to leave you with no doubt as to my being genuine, and to my sincere belief that the Pagano regimen works.  Here are two photos of my condition BEFORE I started the Pagano regimen:


And here is a picture of my hands taken recently.

Good luck, -Tony C.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Tony.   You should have a T-shirt made.  On the front, it would say, “Only the Strong...” and, on the back, it would say, “... Do Pagano.”  Having followed your travails by email since the middle of 2005, I have the utmost respect for your self-discipline and tenacious commitment to success.  You’ve earned every hour of clearance you can enjoy from here on out.  -Ed

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