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Year on Pagano - Report
from Robin

Hi Ed:  Sorry I haven't been in touch for so long.  I just finished reading your May-June issue and want to apologize to Tony C. and any other readers who are interested in the Pagano regimen. I have had many personal issues this past year, and when I am stressed or depressed, I tend to isolate.

It has now been over 13 months since beginning the Pagano regimen.  To say it hasn't been easy would be an understatement.  I went though a roller coaster ride of beginning to clear, then flaring.  Because I never doubted the premise of Dr. Pagano's work, I knew I couldn't give up.  Dr. Pagano has been very supportive and told me I was taking so long to see results because of two factors.  The first was the length of time I've been afflicted and all the drugs I have used over the years to suppress the symptoms. 

I have had psoriasis since the age of 15 and I will be 55 next month.  I have used just about everything on the market to control symptoms, most recently Enbrel, then Remicade.  When I suffered a severe attack of hives which lasted almost a month, I quit everything cold turkey and that led to the most wicked rebound I've ever experienced.  That severe rebound was the second factor that was affecting my slow response to the Pagano regimen.

I have stuck with the regimen for over a year now, adding things here and there to help.  I did use Kalawalla for about 6 months but discontinued when I didn't see any appreciable results.  I have been using a Chinese herbal blend for the past 5 months. 

I am happy to report that my skin has cleared about 90%.  I attribute this to Dr. Pagano's program, though I do believe the herbs helped things along. It has been such a relief to have almost normal skin finally.  I can actually wear shorts!  

I do want your readers to know that the Pagano regimen is more than just a diet.  I follow the diet to the letter and also get regular chiropractic adjustments and colonics.  I also take the slippery elm tea (in the morning) and saffron tea (in the evening) just as Dr. Pagano recommends.  For me, it has become a way of life.  At my present rate of recovery, I anticipate completely clear skin by the end of the summer.  But, I know I must continue with the diet portion of the regimen forever. If I see it as something that I will do only until I am completely clear, I am setting myself up for a relapse.  It has to be a permanent lifestyle change if I want to stay clear.  I would also like to add, that I have lost 30 pounds and look and feel at least 10 years younger than before.  That is reason enough to stay with the diet. Like I said earlier, it hasn't been easy, but the sacrifice has been well worth the results. 

I am still working a support group based on Dr. Pagano's work.  We have 4 people now and hope to increase in numbers after Dr. Pagano makes a trip down here in November to do a seminar.  I was especially interested in this month's interview with Jody.  It reminded about the importance of support groups.  I have thought about starting an NPF group, but at this point in my recovery, I just want to focus on natural healing methods.  Anyone in the Sarasota area who is interested, contact me at [email protected]

Again, I am sorry for not staying in touch.  FlakeHQ has helped me so much — it was my first contact with others who have psoriasis.  I look forward to every issue.  Thank you for your tireless dedication.  -Robin


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for this most gratifying update, Robin.  Your dedication to giving the Pagano regimen an honest trial is enviable and I am sincerely happy that it is paying off for you.  I don’t believe you’d mentioned the weight loss, before.  That’s a terrific plus, isn’t it?  Being 55 myself, I know being 30 pounds lighter would give me back a lot of energy (and access to a forgotten closet full of clothes!).

Please consider making a report to us after Dr. Pagano’s seminar in November, would you?  His interview at FlakeHQ continues to be accessed (to the tune of several hundred hits per month), and I want to thank YOU, again, for making that possible.  -Ed

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