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Francis Reprised:  On Chlorine, Cayenne, Kalawalla and more
from Francis S.

Hi Ed:  Sorry, have been so long putting in a report, I guess a number of people were following my comments closely, I apologize.  And yes, I did contact the man here in our state of Western Australia, we had quite a long conversation on the phone comparing notes.

Well, I have almost finished my last bottle of Kalawalla. Unfortunately, my update isn't all good news on this front.  Perhaps if circumstances were different the Kalawalla may have helped me.  However, with the improvement still happening some months ago, although not as fast as I would like (I guess we get a bit impatient at times) I discovered a site in America which used cayenne pepper products.  I did a great deal of research before I ordered products.

For sometime now my skin has been reacting different to what I am used to.  Psoriasis patches on my legs, (my left leg knee down on the front is probably 80% covered) have been weeping puss and getting quite sore. You could literally stand there and watch the stuff ooze out. Also, I knew something was triggering this and bringing on lumps on areas of skin that did not have P lesions.  These lumps resembled insect bites.  At times, within a few days, these lumps would quickly develop into psoriasis.  Eventually big areas developed from small spots.  Clothing annoyed me, going to sleep at night bothered me and going outside in the sun wasn't good — burned the psoriasis.

This might sound bizarre, but the only relief was to catch some of my own urine, put it on neat and or mix it straight into some ointment and rub it on.  I must admit it really did help. I kept this going for some weeks and until now was the only time it looked better.

Back to the cayenne products. It was a course of cleansing under specific written instructions which came with the treatment. Unfortunately, it was a big mistake.  My psoriasis flared up and my body, mainly legs, for lack of a better description, looked like a leopard with patches breaking out then joining up.  I am sure the cayenne treatment set the pussing and lumpy business off which did not stop — every day it was happening.

Two weeks ago, my husband and I flew down to the city (Perth in Western Australia) to see a doctor who I had found out about through our son working with a woman who was treated by him for her psoriasis.  She’d had psoriasis for some three weeks (very short time) and he treated her and her P subsided in another three weeks.  Apparently her skin remains clear to this date (some months now).

Within the same medical clinic was an allergy testing professional.  I also had allergy testing done.  I will give you the list of what came up for me to avoid — it is interesting.

To avoid: 

  • cheese

  • camambert

  • lactose

  • cows milk

  • wheat

  • white flour

  • chili

  • curry

  • coffee

  • cola

  • chocolate

  • tea

  • wine (red & white)

This is interesting because I do not drink wine, tea, cola, cow’s milk and coffee or eat cheese because of the dairy side of it.  What the lady told me was to totally avoid all spices out of bottles.  She said use fresh herbs in cooking instead.  She has also determined the exact chemicals still inside me from my chemical poisoning some twelve years ago.  This lady's opinion is that due to the amount and what the chemicals are (from the poisoning), it is keeping the psoriasis quite active.  This is also interesting because, since I got initially sick with the poison, I have had almost clean skin on a number of occasions.

The outburst from the cayenne treatment has lasted.  However, the doctor has given me some ointment to rub on the psoriasis patches.  We were only away from home for four days and, upon our return, I started using the ointment and followed the dietary advice given by the allergy doctor and the doctor himself.  It also appears — and I have proven this — that the heavily chlorinated water in our town has been seriously affecting my psoriasis.  Unfortunately, it is back to the good old days of washing in a tub with reverse osmosis water.  It is inconvenient but who cares because the relief from the chlorinated water is great.

I’ve also proven by going to the city and again using the chlorinated water (which isn't as bad as where we live) that showering in it affects my skin.  Also, about a week ago, my husband and I went out for tea, had no choice, and had a red meat dish with spices and curry in it.  By the time I got home, probably within three quarters of an hour of eating, I was scratching around the perimeter of a large patch of psoriasis on my leg.  Sure enough, out came the lumps and the oozing fluid the next day. 

The doctor requested quite a number of blood tests which I have had done.  It will be interesting to get the results.  He wants to see me again in about three weeks.  We are twelve hours drive from the city, so will fly down again which takes about 1.5 hours.

I have put the doctor's ointment on for a week straight from the bottle.   The smell is something that does not appeal to me at all and the doctor did warn me that, being chemically sensitive, I may not be able to tolerate it.  I can't tolerate it in its neat form.  However, I have mixed a quantity of the doctor's ointment into my home-made ointment until I can tolerate the smell (probably about a teaspoon of it with a good tablespoon of mine). 

There have been immediate results — and I’m impressed.  The improvement in two weeks is nothing short of fantastic.  Providing I stay with his dietary recommendations and putting the ointment on, the itching, burning, pussing and itchy lumps are gone.  Apart from the mental fact that I know I have psoriasis, physically I would not know I had it because of the diminished symptoms.  Mind you, I still have a long way to go before my skin really looks healthy again.   I thought that perhaps with diluting the doctor's ointment, it may slow the progress, but it is still carrying on at the same fast clip.  The doctor is very hopeful of helping me so I’m hopeful as well. 

For the past three months I have even had a full time job as an administrative officer for a local company.  This has been very trying as I have had very little onsite training, quite a lot by phone though.  I’ve been stressed and tired, but am coming out of it now.

The ointment from the doctor is an Australian made product.  It is a blend of petroleum jelly, natural oils and emu oil.  Some of the natural oils are the ones I have been using for some months now.  I think if I did not take on the cayenne treatment, my skin would have been really good by now — but that is, of course, speculation.  The claims that cayenne products help psoriasis are quite convincing.  Maybe these products do work for other people!  It could well have disturbed the function of the Kalawalla — I don't know.  

I am sure now that the psoriasis that has come out on the backs of my hands from time to time is triggered by the highly chlorinated water.  I put neat evening primrose oil on my hand lesions twice a day, along with rubbing my own mix in at night.  The evening primrose oil takes three weeks to clear the psoriasis on my hands.  The evening primrose oil I have was purchased from Living Nature in New Zealand.  We have an agent on the east coast of Australia so will probably order from there when next needing it.  I keep the bottle in the fridge to help preserve it.

It’s a hard call for all of us but maybe some of my information may help somebody else.  I wish everybody good luck if they try the Kalawalla.  All our bodies and circumstances concerning our psoriasis are different.  What may help one may not help another.  All I know is that the blend of cream I make is great — it makes me feel good and it also seems to make breathing easier.  I don't know if any joint stiffness I have is from psoriasis or from a bad sporting injury coupled with the poisoning.  I know for a fact that chemicals (petroleum based products) will play havoc with muscles and joints.  I have experienced the horrors of being twisted from poisoning — but we don't dwell on that.  I am upright again, walking around like anybody else.

I guess some of my views may be on the alternate thinking line, but I know I could probably not tolerate any conventional doctor's treatment and I don't think I could bring myself around to it.

Ed, I will keep you updated on progress and what the doctor says.  Good luck to all.  –Francis S. (Australia)


Ed’s Response:   Good to hear from you Francis; and, as usual, thanks for a finely detailed report.  Like all of us from time to time, your self-administration (and tenacious curiosity!) breached the controls of “good science” and sound conclusions in your own case are compromised — at least in part, at least for now.  Life is like that, which is why “science” is a specialty and much of medicine is still regarded an “art.” 

I had to smile at the “catching some of my own urine” part.  I remember the first time I read about this — nearly a decade ago.  I recoiled from the notion until I learned, much later, about “urea,” the protein excreted in urine that is so good at breaking down cellular constructions (hence being dangerous if it builds up inside you), and which has become a common ingredient in many skin products….  So, for the benefit of other readers who might not have heard about using urine as a topical — it’s not new and it has an understood mechanism for helping!   (Having said all that, do NOT think I’m recommending it!)

Over the months you’ve been reporting here, Francis, you have mentioned your bout with chemical poisoning over a decade ago and, in this report, you mentioned the doctor thought the lingering effects of that event may still be triggering your P.  Unfortunately, that plus the cayenne adverse reaction, the chlorinated water, etc., makes pointing to anything specific in your case difficult.  I am personally gratified to think there may be some suggestion of a relationship between your P and your assorted allergies.  I’m so tired of hearing doctors tell me “there is no relationship” when evidence to the contrary keeps mounting and my own case more than suggests a relationship!  It would seem your case does, too. 

As usual, we look forward to your next chapter, Francis.  -Ed

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