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Tick as Trigger?
from Diana H.

Hi Ed, my P issue started with a large itchy patch on my back that had a tick living there for a few days until I noticed it. Ick. When the tick was pulled out, the head stayed for a few more days and, eventually, had to be popped out like a pimple.

Now I have that large scaly patch....  Then other scaly patches....  This is just from Dec. of 05.  I went to a dermatologist in April of 06 and got tons of very expensive medicines that seemed like miracles. When the honeymoon was over, my skin went totally crazy at an inconvenient time and place.

I was in Rome getting ready to go on a cruise and had my tank tops and shorts with me. When I was going to bed in my hotel I looked in the mirror and my friend just couldn't believe it.  Suddenly I looked like I had chicken pox all over my body. This was so new and frightening. I had a cell phone and called my dermatologist immediately. It took some begging and telling them that I was calling from Rome but I was able to get an appointment when I got back (2 weeks later).  Needless to say, I couldn't wear the shorts or bathing suit at all for 14 days. AND IT WAS DAMNED HOT!

At that appointment I received another majorly goopy salve that required gloves. And so it grows. No effect at all.

My next steps are the shots because nothing came from the topical creams. I've done enough research and my dermatologist thinks I have an infection somewhere and nobody but me thinks it was the tick in my back.

Anyway, I won't do the shots until I've done the more holistic method. I have enough things going on in me and don't need to inject poisons in me.

I just read Dr. Connolly's booklet and was very impressed.

My next step is to get my blood tested for infection, one that I may have had for years from the tick and take whatever antibiotics necessary to fix that and then change my diet as well as take vitamins and antioxidants.

Anyway, this is MY fight with the P without taking toxins just to look pretty. -Diana


Ed’s Response:  I’ve heard about a lot of things suspected of triggering P, but yours is the first suggestion that a tick might have been the culprit.  But why not?  The tick bite alone could have Koebnerized into a lesion, especially if you had the genetic proclivity to be psoriatic.  And, as we all know, ticks are a source of infection — sometimes deadly — and as yours, or parts of it, lingered in you for quite some time, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn of lingering problems.  (I knew a woman who was bit by the famous Southwestern Brown spider and it killed her — albeit slowly, over a decade and a half.)

You are a brave soul to commit to the “natural alternatives” before diving straight into the systemic meds to combat P.  Good luck to you!  -Ed

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