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Cyclosporine or Enbrel?
from Ben

Hi Ed:  Hope you are well and the Humira is still working.

I had to come off the methotrexate because my Liver enzymes all sky-rocketed after only about 4-5 weeks at 10mgs!  I now need to decide where to go next and I thought I would get your thoughts as a seasoned pro (so to speak).

My derm says he could put be on cyclosporine, but that would only really be short term.  The other alternatives are Enbrel (but I would either have to pay myself — which I can't afford — or go through the NHS which would take about 3 months!) or to wait for a trial of one of the new biologics which seem to be coming every few months or so.

My inclination at the moment would be to go and get the NHS referral and see what came up trial wise in the meantime.

Do you have any thoughts?

Best regards, -Ben


Ed’s Response:  Sorry to hear about your experience with methotrexate.  Sounds like your derm is one of those who believes only in short-term cyclo administration.  My derm says “no more than a year,” and fortunately, at least three times over, now, that’s been enough to get me cleared. 

But going after the biologics is your next logical choice.  Too bad the wait time is so long for you. 

Why couldn’t you try some cyclosporine while waiting for approval for Enbrel?  -Ed

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