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More Fashion Help for Abbie S.
from Judy A.

I can sympathize with Abbie S. – I’ve had psoriasis since I was 8 (nearly 50 years!) I live in Arizona, where it frequently tops 100 degrees during the summer. I find that 100% cotton clothing is the most comfortable, and have had great results wearing cotton gauze. I just have a few pieces, but wear them a lot. Even long pants and jackets are comfortable – just be sure they aren’t see-through. My favorite blouse is two layers (I skip the bra that way) and my pants are purple, so undies don’t show through.

I did a quick web search, and it appears there are several companies you could purchase from online – some more professional looking that others. Fabric weight will vary, too.

Good luck, Abbie, and remember that everyone else is worried about how THEY look – and less about how you look. They may not even notice your psoriasis.

Judy A.


Ed’s Response:  Love your last line, Judy.  Thanks for the insights.  –Ed

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