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Another Fashion Idea
From Sandi C.

Re:  Appropriate Attire for a Young Ms. Flaker?

I had a thought myself just a few weeks ago when I had a breakout that started at my knees and went all the way to my chin. 

I have been taking meds that had kept me clear for about five years, so my closet had become a “normal person’s closet.”  No long sleeves!  So here I was going into late spring needing long sleeves. 

I got lucky and found at Wally world the shirts I needed on sale.  But as to my idea … Men’s dress shirts! 

Men wear the long sleeves all year.  In my office they talk about short sleeve dress shirts as a big nerd sign and not to wear them. So it stands to reason that you can buy the long sleeves all year.  There are really small men so I will also assume they come in small sizes as well as large ones.  Wear them with a suit or jeans.  Get crafty and female them up!  Find a tailor and have them redone!

Hope this help! -Sandi C.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for sending this tip to Abbie and everybody else!  What a good idea — and with the huge variety in men’s dress shirts these days, especially in colors, I bet it won’t be hard to “female them up!” 

Allow me to add, from personal experience, that men CAN buy shirts cut like dress shirts but made out of silk.  They don’t go good with just any suit, but they ALWAYS feel great.  -Ed

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