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Fashion Tips for Abbie
from Alex

I suspect I am older than the young woman writing, but for what it's worth, here's what I do in the summer. I DO wear those tank tops and spaghetti-strap tanks to work with pants, but then I wear loose, flowing shirts (worn unbuttoned) over them. A frumpy look would be an over-sized denim shirt, but you can buy beautiful light cotton, linen, silk long shirts that are not meant to be tucked in. Think unstructured, flowing, kind of arty. Look at slightly more 'grown-up' stores, in the women's wear sections, at arty boutiques and natural fabric stores.

You might find you get a positive response to this look for a different reason — you won't be dressed as skimpily as many twenty-somethings, you may well look like you take your career and your image more seriously than wearing lingerie to work might convey!

Hope this helps, -Alex


Ed’s Response:  Sounds like good advice to me, Alex.  Thanks.  -Ed

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