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Four Months on Pagano Regimen
from Robin

With regard to my progress on the Pagano regimen, I am just completing my fourth month.  As Dr. P. states, most people take about 3-6 months to get results.  Though I was quite discouraged at my raging flare up at about two months, I am finally beginning to see results.  Redness and flaking have improved considerably and I'm beginning to see spots of new healthy skin within most of my lesions. 

As Dr. P. told me, patience and persistence will pay off.  I feel that I'm finally over the worst and look forward to continued clearing.  Someday I can call myself a former flaker! 

I am truly amazed that the longer I am on the diet, the easier it becomes.  I begin to itch when I merely look at a tomato!  I will continue to keep you posted.

Thanks again.  I'll be in touch. -Robin


Ed’s Response:  Until the advent of the biologic medicines, most of the stuff we were prescribed to abate flaking was supposed to work in a matter of “days.”  When prescribing topicals, my derm told me, “If they’re going to work for you, you will see results in seven days.”  Even the strong systemics we took orally were supposed to give us indications of clearing in “a few weeks.” 

In other words, we grew up as flakers in a world of conventional medicine that either worked quick or didn’t work at all. 

No wonder so few of us paid attention to the alternative therapies, the “all natural” therapies.  They took too long!

But now look closely at the biologics:  Amevive comes in twelve week courses and we are forewarned that improvement might not occur until AFTER the first course.... Some people see improvement on Enbrel in as early as one month, far more people see appreciable improvement in six months.... Raptiva claims results similar to Enbrel.... 

Pagano says the average period for “noticing improvement” is three months (about twelve weeks).

What’s the difference?  All the biologics cost upwards from $12,000 per year or course.  Pagano’s diet equals the cost of groceries.

Please do keep us posted, Robin.  -Ed

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