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Kalawalla Progress Report
from Francis S.

Hi Ed and Readers:  Francis from Australia again.  Another update for you.

Been some 4.5 months since starting on Kalawalla.  I am still improving and still quite impressed with it all.  Have now cut down to two fish oil capsules twice a day.  Still have olive oil as a monosaturated fat (via the Zone method of dosage).  One thing that I have now discovered and can say I have proven over some years is that by taking squeezed lemon juice every morning before eating increases the stomach acidity to then process proteins, namely from the animal kingdom.

For a couple of weeks a short time ago, I didn't have the lemon juice, it only took a few days before I noticed the effects of not having it.  I know that the yellow coloring in saffron and turmeric is very good for us, don't quite know exactly what it does, but I use turmeric every day in my cooking — if I don't make a combination drink of it.

Probably, the one thing I do it — and according to Dr. Pagano would be best left alone — is red meat.  I am finding that the lemon juice is definitely enabling me to eat it and twice a day most days.  Where we live does not present itself to making the best choices of protein intake.  At a guess I would probably say that if I could lessen the amount of red meat I think the skin may improve slightly faster — who knows?  We can't turn the clock back.  

In addition to the fish oil, I am also having salmon (tin) every morning; important by its very nature.  Still taking zinc, too. 

Some psoriasis patches (these being like two by three inches largest) have virtually gone.  My legs are greatly improved since I first started on the Kalawalla — probably a 60% improvement since starting with Kalawalla.  What I have discovered is that wearing long pants and keeping my legs covered is far better than exposing them to the sun and elements.  My arms on the other hand are exposed and they, although improving, are doing so slower than my legs.  Some patches have taken about 3.5 months to start to improve but once starting (again from the centers out) improvement gets faster.   The body has reached a state where the legs and arms have not come out with any new patches.

The sores on my head are slowly clearing but are not itchy, the ones in and around my ears are clearing and, again, not itching. 

I can report though that I have eaten a little wheat product food and, to my amazement, have tolerated it with no itching.  This has not been so till now.  By choice I avoid everything that has wheat in it.  I believe Dr Pagano's book (HEALING PSORIASIS:  The Natural Alternative)is very good, it has opened my eyes on several points.  Reading Dr. Sears Zone books have really given me, I think the rest of the answers as to why I still have psoriasis.  I believe, knowing this, helps me to rid myself of psoriasis.

Probably each one of us has different circumstances concerning our psoriasis.  To me electronic meditation through the four stages of brain waves is vital in the healing process.  I am still using the Australian herbal ointment SBS1 with my added ingredients — I believe it is working wonders.  The itching, stinging and other symptoms have practically gone —  it feels good.

Even though I have another 1.5 months to finish my six months course of Kalawalla, I have decided to order another three months supply taking the whole Kalawalla treatment for nine months.  To me, because I have had psoriasis for 52 years, I know my body needs time to switch back to some normality which I believe will come.  Like you said, patience may not be in everybody's mind but I am going to keep going with it all.

It's a hard call to know what is exactly right for each one of us.

On your site one time I looked and a girl who had done studies on the Kalawalla had an article and I think said most treatment improvement was between 2-6 months.  I may very well improve quite quick and be clean by the end of six months but I have my doubts.  Even so I think I will still take another supply of the Kalawalla to further balance the body.

Will keep you informed on progress.  Our hot season will be upon us soon so I am hoping that my skin has cleaned up or my psoriasis is nearly gone soon. -Francis S.



Ed's Response:  Thanks for the continuing good news, Francis.  By’s next update (Nov-Dec 2005) you will have completed your 6 month “trial” on Kalawalla and we will be most interested to read your report at that time.  -Ed

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