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Another Kalawalla Testimonial
from Freed

I have had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) most of my adult life. Walking has become increasingly more difficult necessitating a wheelchair at times.  I try to insist on walking and have fallen and broken bones.  I was at the end of my rope! Through the medical community and neurologists, I have had the most horrible transfusions, along with painful and humiliating hospital experiences.  When the last treatment of transfusions killed some people, the drug was taken off the market. 

My doctor says to go back on daily painful shots.  No way.  I found Kalawalla, and it has been offered in Europe for more than five years.  I understand the ancient Mayans drank it every day for skin and body health.  It cures and REVERSES autoimmune illnesses and MS! You can help before anyone more goes down that awful road.  It has made my skin glow, and I am slowly but surely getting back energy, strength and balance.  I wish you blessings and health. -Freed


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for writing, Freed.  Kalawalla has certainly perked up ears here and elsewhere. 

Readers:  From the home page search on “Kalawalla” to review all the correspondences so far received.

Freed:  If you would, drop us another line in a few more months and fill us in on how continued use of Kalawalla is working for you.  -Ed

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