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In Search of PSORELIEF
from Rob I.

Ed, Hello!  I have been reading the posts and was wondering if anyone came across something similar to PSORELIEF?

This product was a lifesaver and I am down to my last hope. Would a compounding pharmacist make more of this up, if I were to bring my empty jar to a lab?

Any help would be appreciated!! -Rob


Ed’s Response:  Unless you have detailed ingredient information, a compounding pharmacist may not be able to help you replicate PsoRelief.  All I've been able to learn about this “late” product is that it contained aloe vera, oxidants and burdoch root.  Proportions of these?  Base?  I've no idea.  Best of luck.  -Ed


Rob’s Response:  I do appreciate your help, I actually still have 1/2 a jar left of PSORELIEF that I had purchased online. I will take it to a compounding pharmacist to see. Wish me luck and I will share anything I can as I know there are other people who found this product somewhat of a “miracle.” -Rob


Ed’s Response:  I'll keep my fingers crossed, hoping your compounding pharmacist says he can make something comparable.  Do let us know ... I think there are lots of people wishing PSORELIEF would come back!  -Ed


Rob’s Response:  I just wanted to let you know that my pharmacist, compounded my PSORELIEF from the ingredients on the label.  Mind you, he could not replicate all the ingredients, but he was able to make what he had from what was on the jar.

I have to say so far, so good. I would like to share my response with the board, but don't have the link as I lost most of my favorites when my computer was updated.

Please let me know on how I can help. -Rob


Ed’s Response:  By all means, write back to me whatever we can take to our own local compounding pharmacist and I’ll post the information as a follow-up to this.  And, by the way, would you share with us how expensive it was to have it compounded?

Thanks, Rob.  We eagerly await your response. -Ed

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