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International Resources for Non-U.S. Flakers
from Mike B.

Hi Ed, Just caught up on (most of) your July-August update.  Fascinating as always.

I was fascinated with the interview with Ms. Rittenberg this month, but she did leave open one question — which admittedly might be covered over at the National Psoriasis Foundation site, which I haven't visited in ages.  I recognize her point that both she and the Foundation are essentially US-based — but are there links to other international resources (specifically here in Canada) where I can check for the existence of local groups?

Best always, and keep up the great work, -Mike B.


Ed’s Response:  There now exists an organization known as the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations, and a list of the members of this group is contained at the National Psoriasis Foundation website [].  There is one member group in Canada.  They are headquartered in Halifax and have a website [].  I couldn’t find a list of local support groups or anything similar at their site, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the information.  A phone call may be in order. 

I don’t know how “global” the local support group phenomenon for psoriatics really is.  If it’s true that they really are common throughout the world, having a “global directory” would be fun, wouldn’t it?   -Ed

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